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About Me

I’m 25, lives in Bangalore, graduated from VIT University, Software engineer at Schneider Electric.

I am someone who consistently innovates to create value.I find opportunities where other people see none: I turn ideas into projects, and projects into serial success.”

I am someone who has a very creative mind.I always have a unique perspective when approaching anything due to my broad range of interests and hobbies.”

Creativity is the source of differentiation and therefore, at the root of competitive advantage.

Say hello to +91-95-66-888-146. I don’t use Whatsapp and Facebook.

PRAVEEN RAJ, Photographer by Passion, Engineer by Profession, Writer by Destiny.


Philanthropist | Photographer Ambivert | Film Maker | Creative Thinker | Quoraphile | Writer | Pogonophile | Designer  | Editor  |  Software Engineer


A little tidbit about me.  I love what I do!  Photography is my passion and I make that shine in my work.  I try to stay away from the typical and am always on the hunt for new ideas, techniques, props, and interesting people!  I am constantly trying to feed my passion for photography, blogging, film making and travelling.  I have wonderful, loving friends who usually accompany me to shoots.

Now, a little about my work:  I specialise in Fashion, Portrait. I get to be part of all the key moments in people’s lives. How awesome is that?

If you take some time to look over my photography you’ll see I have a much more photo-journalistic style. Whether you’re laughing with your grandparents, spending time with your family or giving your father a hug as he walks you down the aisle, I feel these images are so much stronger than posed photos. Being able to capture memories and experience a variety of cultures, traditions and wonderful people is definitely a perk of my job.

I have 4+ years of photography experience in freelance setting.

I find that photography is not just about having a natural eye behind the camera; picking out the right angle; or just magically getting exposures correct.  Photography is about knowing the location, the light, the subject and enhancing all of them in the process.

I like to treat each and every person like they are family and friends, by doing so creating, not only capturing, more natural interactions but also producing better images.

I also do fashion styling if you are interested in it!. I can’t wait to work with you!

To know more about me, just visit |  www.ilovepraveenraj.com

                                                                                                With Love –Praveen Raj


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